Windsor Review Barrels into the New Era of Information Technology

by WJ Hull

Since 1965, a tiny office tucked away in the English Department of the University of Windsor, packed with workaholic staff and students alike, has been churning out tomes of literature from some of the best authors the age has had to offer. For 23 years it has been steadfast in its dedication towards providing its readership with high-quality literature from some of the greatest established authors as well as the most promising up-and-comers.

As of April of 2008, we will have broken out of our little cage and into the vast reaches of the great digital expanse. But we will not do so with the simplistic ‘buy our rag’ page that comprises the common literary magazine website. That is not our way. Literary fanatics all, we have decided to eschew the standard limitations of most in-print magazines. We have decided to extend ourselves to as close to the point of excess as our frail little minds could handle, ploughing head-first into the digital fray, providing you, the electronic universe, with as much quality literature, visual art, and literary news as our technological (and mental) limitations will allow.

Call me melodramatic if you will, but with this project, we plan on pushing ourselves to the edge of lunacy. After all, what is art of any form without a touch of madness?

Windsor Review masses its troops

We at the Windsor Review do not wish to become merely another e-zine. We have no intention of converting our publication exclusively to an internet-only publication. We want to be far more—we want to soon evolve into a comprehensive resource in the Canadian arts, a crier for major upcoming literary events, a nosy neighbour for news and updates on prominent figures throughout the community, and a reporter on artistic events as they come to pass—all this in addition to hosting cutting-edge Canadian literature for all the world to enjoy.

But if we are to evolve into everything wish to become, we must do so one step at a time.

For the time being, we at the Windsor Review will focus upon local events. Windsor itself is something of a nexus of literary activity—the tremendously selective creative writing program is constantly moulding students into quality writers and poets, there is a great number of established authors who are either local or nearby, and professors of the writing program, led by department head Karl Jirgens, are bringing a constant stream of nationally and internationally renowned authors through our path.

A Comprehensive Resource

Long story short, the Windsor Review has one purpose: Everything. We intend to provide resources for writers and artists through interviews with prominent figures, for local readers through information on events happening throughout Windsor and Essex County, and to online readers through access to subscriptions to our print publications, through online the publication of selections, and through podcasts of public readings.

Additionally, we have chosen to embrace Web2.0, allowing our readers to engage in active discussion with us and with each other about everything relating to the arts, and hope to quickly amass an active online community of writers, artists, critics, and aficionados with whom to engage in enlightening discussion

So set your bookmarks, prepare your RSS feeds, and strap yourselves in–the Windsor Review is going online, and, for readers and artists alike, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


2 thoughts on “Windsor Review Barrels into the New Era of Information Technology

  1. Wow! Welcome to the web Windsor Review. I know this is only the start of great things. In the months to come I look foward to the announcement of a (or org or net) and the sky’s the limit 🙂

    Onwards and upwards.

    You are now more than an email address.

  2. The link to your “first inaugural blog post” from your “about” page is broken- one too many “http//” if you know what I mean.
    Thought I’d let whoever the webmaster is know.

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