Professor Spins for AIDS Relief at the Loop

by WJ Hull

A fashionable 10 minutes later than anticipated, surrounded by a small entourage, the doors of the Loop swung open for DJ Lexis, more commonly known as Dr. Stephen Pender, head of the University of Windsor Humanities Research Group and favoured professor of early modern intellectual history. A few moments of tutelage on the bar’s DJ system and the show was underway.

A number of people steadily trickled in, some fans who had heard DJ Lexis perform at events and house parties before, others colleagues and friends, others still students of Dr. Pender who had only known the man as a frighteningly knowledgeable scholar of venerable (if not somewhat intimidating) eloquence: seeing the man who is perhaps the most popular professor in the department of English and Creative Writing grooving about to dub-dub behind a pair of turntables can quite a surreal experience.

Crossing Teacher/Student Hierarchical Boundaries

As the night rolled on, the dance floor revved to life, driven by the surprising amount of energy generated by numerous students and professors alike—particularly Classical Civilizations professor Dr. Patricia Fagan and, later in the evening, Dr. Karl Jirgens, head of the Department of English and Creative Writing.

There’s something to be said about the atmosphere at the Loop under the dominion of DJ Lexis. With an audience almost exclusively comprised of students and professors, the hierarchical social dynamic evaporates. Granted, there are some students who are merely bewildered by the concept of professors having lives outside of the lectern, but the others actually got the opportunity to interact with their professors on a recreational—dare I say, human—level.

A General Success

At the end of the night, the turnout was perfect—comfortably full, with enough patrons to full the tables and dance floor, and enough to raise a good amount of money for Aids research—a tremendous and fun experience for department staff and students alike. To our local readers, I would strongly recommend keeping an eye out for future appearances of the charismatic DJ Lexis.

DJ Lexis, AKA Dr. Stephen Pender, hasn’t any plans to spin again before the end of the rapidly-approaching school year, but if you are from the Windsor area and would like to attend a future event, you can contact him to enquire (or encourage) via his University of Windsor information page.


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