Jonny Flieger, guest editor of the upcoming Graphics Issue, has his say


jon_flieger_01I’ve been asked to do something for the ReView’s website, and since Marty Gervais won’t let me post the photos of him fighting lions with his bare hands, I suppose I’ll try this blogging thing.  

My name is Jon Flieger.  I”ve helped out at the Windsor ReView off and on for the last couple of years, and this year I’m serving as one of the editorial assistants.  We’ve had a weird year, as a university faculty strike and all the students who worked here last year moving on with their academic careers have made things interesting for us.  It’s all good, though, and we’re having fun, and more importantly, we’ve got some exciting things planned for the ReView.  We’re in the process of getting the next two issues together, and there’s some great poetry, prose, and art that we’re all really proud to be able to publish and share with you fine people. 

The next issue (42.1 for you archivists) is a general issue, and our editors have received many fine submissions.  We are formatting and laying the book out, and soon it should be in your hot little hands. 

But wait, there’s more!

Not ones to sit back, we’re also hip-deep in planning for issue 42.2, “the Graphic Issue”.  I’ve been asked by our publisher (and resident lion wrangler) Marty Gervais to serve as guest editor for this issue, and I’m foaming at the mouth at the prospect.  We’re interested in all things graphic, from concrete poetry, to prose and poetry that is highly evocative and imagistic.  Other meanings of graphic, from the gory to the scary to the whatever, we love it all.  We’re accepting submission now, by the way.  Hint hint. 

My personal interest in the graphic is storytelling using the mixing of text and image.  Comic books were my bread and butter as a kid (okay, fine, they still are) and graphic novels, art stories, and anything mixed media fascinates me.  To that, we’re looking to publish any and all kinds of good art, writing, graphic novel excerpts, whatever to do with the graphic.  We’ve got some in already I’m crazy excited about, but we’re still accepting submissions, so send them in soon so I can drool over your work, too. 

Now then, off to the zoo with Marty. 



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