Boxing for a Cause


by Amber Pinsonneault

When Windsor Review’s managing editor Marty Gervais walked into the ring Sunday February 15th at Riverside Secondary School, he was ready to go. After weeks of intense training at the Border City Boxing Club and with youngest son Gabe Gervais in his own basement, Marty knew many boxing moves to help defeat his opponent Mike Herrington.

After being introduced with their personal theme songs, Marty and Mike fought their hearts out in the first round. The minute the bell rang, it was like Pavlov’s dogs and saliva, and those fists were flying. Once the referee separated the two from really hurting each other, they took the second round to bounce around and catch their breath. Yet before you knew it, the third round was on and Marty decided to pull out some secret moves. With hooks and jabs, left and right, Mike stood no chance against Marty in the ring. With a gym full of cheering friends, co-workers, family and students, Marty shared the win with Mike. Yet, for anyone who was there…we all know who really won.


Aside from the fighting, Riverside Secondary School was successful in making approximately $1000 in funds from shirt, snack and ticket sales, which will go to help underprivileged boxers head to France this June

To all bystanders of this match and to all the readers of Windsor Review, a lesson was certainly learnt that day, age is not a factor and Marty Gervais certainly can.

Photo Credit: Cristina Naccarato
Check out more boxing pictures from this event on her website


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